Vierendeel Truss

Why Use Vierendeel Truss

vierendeel trussA number of property developers who are not familiar with the vierendeel truss often ask the question, why use vierendeel truss. With benefits similar to other trusses, the vierendeel truss is one of the most useful trusses available. However, unlike the conventional roof truss frames available, it does not have triangular members constituting its frame.

To understand what you stand to gain from the use of this specific truss, you have to understand what the vierendeel truss actually is. This truss is a rectangular truss that has fixed joints which are capable of resisting bending movements and transferring any of these bending movements. The rectangular truss has pinned joints as it is assumed that there are no moments present at these ends.

Benefits of Vierendeel Truss

The vierendeel roof truss is commonly used for fenestration and door openings. This is mainly because a large amount of the exterior envelope remains unobstructed enabling the truss to be used for this purpose. Its application in the use of fenestration and door openings is more preferable to a brace-frame system as this type of frame system will leave some of the areas in the door openings obstructed by the diagonal braces.

There are a number of various benefits that you can expect to gain from the vierendeel truss. These benefits can be seen in terms of purpose and convenience of the roof truss, as well as benefits that relate to the cost and skilled labor requirements required for construction and installation requirements of this particular roof truss.

One of the major advantages of using this truss is the low cost of installation and construction. A roof truss is a prefabricated structure that comes readily made for your specific property size.

Is Vierendeel Truss Right for You – What Benefits Does It Offer

The actual cost of the vierendeel truss will depend on the pitch and roof span which will also determine the cost of the material that will be used in the construction of the roof truss. You will be required to give out all these measurements to the roof truss manufacturer so as to get the right truss for your property. Low cost in terms of construction relates to the size of wood planks used in the construction process. Unlike traditional framing techniques, the vierendeel truss uses sorter planks of wood to construct the design which leads to increased savings as fewer raw materials is used in the construction of the truss.

There are also minimal costs involved with the labor construction of the vierendeel roof truss. As the roof truss is pre-fabricated, it requires much less skilled labor to install the roof on the property which leads to lower labor costs as less time is also spent on installing the roof truss.

Due to its unique construction, the vierendeel truss offers longer roof spans with much higher strength and durability of the truss as only high quality materials are used in the construction of the roof truss. As this type of  roof truss is pre-fabricated, the materials are stored away from contaminants that may lower the quality of materials used in the construction of the roof truss. This is unlike the conventional roof framing techniques in which the roof frame is made in an open workshop and thus, the materials are more likely to be compromised.

As can be seen, there are many benefits to be gained from using this type of  roof truss. These are just of the reasons that serve to answer the question, ’Why use vierendeel truss?’